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RecyclingGreenway Recycling is at the forefront of C&D recycling in the Carolinas.  We continually strive to provide you with the most convenient and state-of-the art recycling options in North and South Carolina.

Recycling & Reprocessing Facility

A brand new, 14,000 square foot state-of-the-art C&D material recycling facility located at Greenway Waste Solutions of Harrisburg just outside of Charlotte began operation in December of 2010.  This facility houses a finger screener, picking station, scale house, office, and various other pieces of equipment to ensure we can recycle any load that is brought our way, including the ability to recycle mixed loads of C&D debris.  We guarantee we will be able to meet the requirements of all your recycling and LEED Certified projects through this best in class facility.  Please contact Greenway Recycling at 704-454-1574 to let us know how we can assist you!

LEED Certification & Recycling

Greenway Waste Solutions can assist businesses in the difficult and tedious process of LEED certification. With invoicing and recyclables tracking, we can save you time and money while helping you attain certification. We also provide recycling services and tracking for non-LEED certified customers.

We are experienced in partnering with numerous industries, including architects, construction firms, haulers, municipalities, educational institutions and others. Our professional, knowledgeable staff is always eager to provide assistance and answer any questions or concerns.

LEED Requirements

  • 1 Point – Divert 50.0% of construction waste from disposal
  • 1 Point – Divert 75.0% of construction waste from disposal

Gypsum Wallboard Recycling

Greenway Recycling operates a gypsum wallboard/sheetrock recycling facility, which diverts thousands of tons of gypsum wallboard from demolition landfills annually.  Our facility recycles 100% of the incoming material from Griffin Brothers Reclamation Centers and other sources.   100% of the byproduct is sold to customers throughout the Carolinas for a variety of uses.  Please call to learn more!

We continually seek new customers for our products.  Please call 803-285-4411 or email if you have interest in using one of our fine gypsum byproducts or need to recycle your gypsum wallboard.  And as always should you have any questions or comments please contact us during our operating hours.

Yard Debris Facilities

Greenway Waste Solutions operates two yard-debris recycling facilities where 100% of the land clearing debris and clean wood products entering the facility are recycled.  Curbside debris is brought to the facilities from neighboring communities where it is finely processed into a quality compost product.

For more information on our yard-debris program please contact our Apex, NC location at 919-367-2895 or or contact our Harrisburg, NC location at 704-455-1561 or