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Do C&D landfills smell?
Due to the type debris deposited into C&D landfills (wood, concrete, bricks, blocks, metals, etc.) there are no smells associated with C&D landfills. Many times "landfill smells" are a result of household garbage (MSW) landfills that have not been properly maintainted or covered.

What happens if residential/commercial trash arrives at your facility?
We send it back with the hauler who brought the material or put it in one of our containers to be taken to the local MSW landfill for disposal.

Isn’t a reclamation facility really loud?
We only operate during normal business hours.  Sound is typically not an issue as our vegetative buffers substantially block any sound and our distance buffers create large distances between the facility and any residences or commercial locations.

Aren’t your locations full of dust?
No, this is controlled through the use of water trucks that continually run at the facility.  In addition, these water trucks use only recycled water.

What types of materials do you accept?
We accept almost all new construction and demolition materials.  Our South Carolina facilities accept traditional C&D debris, approved industrial debris properly characterized following SCDHEC approved protocol, and Appendix I debris.   A full list of specific materials can be found by contacting the location.

What are your hours of operation?
All of our locations are open Monday through Friday from 7 AM to 5PM and Saturday from 7AM to 12 PM.  Please contact your desired location for further information.

Where can I take my recyclable products?
Recyclable products can be taken to any of our 5 convenient landfill locations.  Gypsum drywall can be taken directly to any of our 5 convenient locations and the Greenway Recycling location.

Will I receive a discount on recyclable products?
Yes, there will be different prices on specific recyclable products.  Please call and verify with the location you will be taking your material to for updated pricing.

What tonnage rate is charged?
Please call one of our 5 convenient locations for rate information.  Contact information can be found under the “Contact Us” link provided at the top of the page.

How do I pay?
Customers can pay with cash, credit/debit card, or have an account established with Greenway Waste Solutions.