Ease Plumbing Partners with Leaky Black To Create the Ultimate Defensive Duo

Ease Plumbing Partners with Leaky Black To Create the Ultimate Defensive Duo

At Griffin Brothers Companies we do things a little differently than most. 

For example, ZoomUp is a reverse search fund— there’s no business too ugly, too sweaty or too unique, which is simply not the case for most entrepreneurial ventures. Not only that but the Market Leader program that many of our ZoomUp brands are championing is different than anything that’s been done before. 

This outside-of-the-box creative thinking is one thing that sets us apart from the rest. It’s what allows us to create, empower and revolutionize these industries so that we can make a generational impact throughout our communities. 

One way that ZoomUp business Ease Plumbing is thinking outside of the box is through its new NIL deal with Leaky Black, a renowned basketball player at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Not only is Leaky known for his stellar defensive skill set, but also for his upstanding work ethic and commitment to quality— a reputation that made him a clear-cut choice as an NIL partner for Ease Plumbing. 

Leaky Black Partners with Ease Plumbing for NIL Deal

Ease will be releasing commercials and photos with Leaky throughout the year leading up to the company’s rebrand in 2023. You can give the Ease Plumbing team a follow on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with how they are dominating leaks with Leaky Black. 

But there’s more to this story than an incredibly creative and on-brand marketing strategy. 

Ease Plumbing and Leaky Black have also teamed up to create a t-shirt that will raise money for sports-focused nonprofit, Dream on 3. “Dream on Three 3 exists to enrich the lives of kids with life-altering conditions by making their sports dreams come true. {Their} programming uses the unifying principles of sports and the power of teamwork to bring hope, love, and joy to {their} dreamers.” Proceeds from the No Leaks in This House t-shirt sales will benefit the Dream on 3 dreamers

No Leaks in This House T-Shirt Benefitting Dream On 3

At the end of the day, Griffin Brothers Companies and our ZoomUp businesses are proud to be outside the norm, to pioneer new perspectives and to have some fun while we’re doing it.

And remember, if you do find a leak in your house, well, no one dominates leaks better than the team at Ease Plumbing. 

ZoomUp Business, Absolute Collision, Partners with Cleveland County Rescue Mission to Giveaway A Car.

ZoomUp Business, Absolute Collision, Partners with Cleveland County Rescue Mission to Giveaway A Car.

Flashback to your first car, you probably remember the first day you got behind the wheel and took it for a spin. You can still feel the wheel under your palms, the way the car squeaked a little when you hit the brakes too hard and the way it felt when you first turned the key in the mornings. This was likely a highly anticipated day of great pride and excitement for sixteen-year-old you.

However many cars you’ve had between then and now, we can still feel the emotion that cars drive in us. Cars are often sentimental, they hold memories with friends and family, they provide a space for the in-between moments, they hold life and death and they get you where you need to go.

For some, cars are used to travel for work, for others they’re used to pick up and drop off kids in the carpool lane and for others, cars are all about the excitement, the adventure and the possibility of where you can go next.

Yet for others cars are unreachable, an expense one can’t afford and a constant reminder of where you can’t go.

The reality is that cars are a necessity to our daily lives. We rely on our cars as much as we rely on our homes to keep us warm and our food to keep us full. But not everyone has a car they can rely on.

Ask yourself, without a car how would you get to work? How would you take your kids to school? How would you get to the grocery store?

These are questions that thousands of Americans face every day. According to 2018 census figures, 8.7% of households in America do not have access to a vehicle, and ZoomUp business, Absolute Collision, wants to do their part to help.

This year Absolute Collision is partnering with Cleveland County Rescue Mission, Harmon Automotive, Sherwin Williams, Clean Slate Detailing, BTS Tire & Wheel Distributors, Advance Auto Parts, Interior Motives, Forest City Honda, LKQ Corporation and BMB Supply Company to give away a car to a family in need for the Driving For Hope Vehicle Giveaway. In the auto collision field, we see how important cars are for people. We see the devastation when a car is totaled and the desperation as people frantically search for a replacement.

Over the past year, it seems like everything we once relied on has been pulled out from under our feet and left us stranded. In light of this, Absolute Collision wants to do its part to provide a family a car that they can rely on when all else seems lost.

As we come together with Cleveland County Rescue Mission and look out for our neighbor, we want to encourage you to look for ways to do the same in your community. You may not be able to give away a car, most people can’t, but you can do something.

Can you offer to fill someone’s gas tank? Can you pay it forward at the car wash? Can you give an extra tip to the mechanic changing your oil? We hope that you are able to see your neighbor in need and remember that you can help them get back on the road with absolute precision too.