Helping next generation entrepreneurs fulfill their dreams.

ZoomUp Investments funds and grows unique businesses and mentors business leaders (Zoomers) who desire majority ownership.


Defining a ZoomUp Company

Identifying Entrepreneurial Businesses or Market Voids

ZoomUp Investments is a reverse search fund. There is not a business that is too ugly, too sweaty, or too unique. We look for business sectors that are ‘recession proof’. The businesses can be startups, acquisitions of tenured businesses of any shape or size. The higher the ‘revenue per employee’ the better! ZoomUp businesses are not franchises.  ZoomUp businesses have huge potential for growth or what we call ‘zooming’.


Defining a Zoomer

Matching Young Professionals to Entrepreneurial Opportunities

A Zoomer is an ambitious entrepreneur who yearns to own his/her own company and is not scared of getting their “hands dirty.” Typically, a Zoomer is between the age of 25-35, and has some kind of management experience, but a Zoomer can be of any age or experience! A college degree is not a requirement, but a drive to achieve success well beyond their personal needs is paramount. A low personal financial burn rate is preferred.


Closing the Deal

Start Zooming

There is no ‘typical’ deal as each situation is unique. The one constant is conversation! We are proponents of being upfront and understanding the needs of all parties…building relationships. Through a Letter of Intent and Due Diligence we get through the process quickly as not to waste time if not a fit. If a match, let’s close!


Supporting the Transition

Ongoing Operations

ZoomUp Shared Services (“ZUSS”) is the Entrepreneur’s partner in growth. We are a team of experienced professionals offering coaching and expert support services in the following areas to allow the Zoomer to focus on growing the business:

  • Business Planning
  • Implementation
  • Leadership
  • Call Center & Dispatch
  • Customer Experience
  • Accounting & Finance
  • Talent Recruiting & Retention
  • Human Resource & Payroll
  • Safety & Compliance

Our Case Studies

Can a 26-year-old roofer from Charlotte, NC and a 34-year-old electrician from Portoviejo, Ecuador take their start-up businesses from a life-style business to a multi-generational company?

THE CHALLENGE: Two young entrepreneurs set out on their own to start their own business…one a roofing company, one an electrical company. With much hard work their businesses grew and provided an adequate return for their families. However, with growth comes new business challenges: staffing & retention, customer service & quality control, record-keeping, selling, planning, and capital. These obstacles were a ceiling to their business’s growth.

THE SOLUTION: Identifying that these two young men are the sales engine for their respective companies, ZoomUp Investments partnered with each of them to provide the coaching and capital needed. At closing, we quickly supplied needed capital for operations and began introducing the ZUSS team to the business to relieve responsibilities for the owners. Understanding they can only grow the business as fast as the talent around them we began building an operational team around them so they could focus on sales and customer service. The roofing company is well established in the Raleigh, NC market and reached record sales in 2018; dedicated expansion efforts underway in the Charlotte, NC market. The electrical company has implemented new field management technology to improve the customer experience and reporting and is poised for expansion in the North Charlotte, NC market and eyes set on Raleigh, NC.

Our Experience

A native of Charlotte, NC, Mike Griffin is a managing partner of Griffin Brothers Companies (GBC). Mike leads ZoomUp Investments and has enjoyed mentoring entrepreneurs for more than 30 years.

The ZUSS Team members brings an average 20 years of expertise in the related disciplines of strategic planning, operations, human resources, accounting, process improvement, and compliance.

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