Griffin Brothers Companies is proud to serve the communities in which its businesses are based.

It all began when Larry Griffin, Sr. opened the first Griffin Brothers Tire Sales store in 1961. Griffin Brothers Companies has since expanded to land development and ecologically responsible waste management with roots in the Carolinas.

Today, Griffin Brothers Companies remains a family owned and operated organization that is strongly committed to providing the best services possible to its customers as well as supporting the causes of local communities and residents alike. As responsible business leaders, we remain active in the communities in which we serve through volunteering, sponsorships and providing employment opportunities for almost 300 local citizens. It is our goal to continue to expand and set forth new business ventures while growing the core of Griffin Brothers Companies.

Our Mission

Our mission declares the purpose of our company and serves as the standard against which we weigh our actions and decisions:

  • To deliver superb customer service through integrity and trusting relationships; create a WOW experience;
  • To seek opportunities to grow our existing businesses and expand our footprint in the Carolinas to meet the needs of our customers and provide opportunities for our team members;
  • To transform the industries we operate in through innovative practices and trendsetting technology, with an underlying commitment to a greener and more sustainable environment; and,
  • To inspire continual growth and learning of team members and business partners in building a positive team, family spirit, and commitment to community.

Our Values

Our values serve as a compass for our actions and decisions and shape the company culture:

  • Accountability | If it is to be, it’s up to me
  • Communication | Listen, understand, speak
  • Collaboration | Leverage collective genius, be a team and promote consensus
  • Ownership | Finish what you start, have conviction, accept other right answers
  • Make a Difference | Be other-focused, dream, value community and the environment
  • Passion | Commit in heart and mind, love what you do and live in the moment
  • Leadership | Have courage to lead and serve others to shape a better future
  • Integrity | Be honest, be true to yourself and others, and find your voice
  • Search for Opportunities | Seize the initiative, imagine possibilities, reflect and act
  • Have Fun | Laugh, grow, share, and enjoy!